MUKSUNKIRJA™ is safe, easy to use Internet service for families and day care professionals.

MUKSUNKIRJA™ product family complements communication between home and day care by
  • Improving communication
  • Saving children’s priceless memories
  • Helping administrative routines thus saving time for children
MUKSUNKIRJA™ service is getting a brand new version starting 1.1.2014. We shall update this page in English at the soonest. Meanwhile please check our main site which already have up-to-date information in Finnish, or contact us by e-mail: Contact.
New MUKSUNKIRJA™ service offers an information channel for day care events, own notebook for each child and a digital portfolio to store pictures and related material. In MUKSUNKIRJA™ there is also a support to co-work and store early childhood education plans. MUKSUNKIRJA™ has also separate area for sponsor messaging.


Running a family with small kids can be quite hectic time to time. Driving kids back and forth between home and a day care, long days at work and managing household work are all bringing own challenges.

MUKSUNKIRJA™ service helps communication with day care, stores valuable memories and offers a pleasant mean to go through daily highlights with your child.

Day care center

MUKSUNKIRJA™ helps to bring more efficiency by lightening daily routines. It gives you more time to spend with kids which always motivates your personnel. Families as your customers appreciate an improved communication through the service.

Day care professional

MUKSUNKIRJA™ helps you to utilize your skills to take care of early education and nursing of small children. You can save your valuable time as interaction with families has never been so easy. Using MUKSUNKIRJA™ as easy to use communication tool gives also more time for face to face discussions with parents.


As a sponsor you have an excellent opportunity to create new customer relationships for dedicated geographical area. MUKSUNKIRJA™ is heavily relaying into conversational marketing which means that instead of potentially annoying or disturbing your customer base with your messages you can offer valuable 2-way service.
Getting all the benefits of MUKSUNKIRJA™ is easy. You only need a computer, Internet connection and relatively new version of a web browser. Special attention has been put into usability. All functions are in their own tab helping you to concentrate always a right thing.

Day Care events

Using Day care event it is easy to provide information for families by day care staff. Staff can easily create and publish weekly programs, menus, special communication items and so on. You can add images and file attachments as you see fit. As MUKSUNKIRJA™ is all about interaction and communication parents can always give their comments in the service visible for other users.


Notebook is specially designed for private communication between a family and a day care center. Messages are not visible for other families so Notebook provides excellent way to protect privacy when needed.

Digital portfolio

In MUKSUNKIRJA™ each child has own folder which is only visible for child’s parents and a day care personnel. All the nice memories can be store there for further use. In portfolio there is support not only for images, but also for wide variety of other content.

Early childhood education plan (ECEP)

Each day care center can have its own documentation for planning early education in the MUKSUNKIRJA™ service. Plans co-created with parents are stored to ECEP area, which is private for each child to protect privacy.


Sponsor has its own dedicated tab in the service. It enables wide variety of messaging, including commenting functionalities for conversations with customers.
Data security and privacy protection have been leading principles for MUKSUNKIRJA™ design.

How MUKSUNKIRJA™ data security has been built?

  • Proactive thinking: Wide scale threat analysis and thought protection profile have been used for basis of MUKSUNKIRJA™ service. Based on this information best available techniques and components have been selected to build the service. Security is also emphasized while building MUKSUNKIRJA™ user experience.
  • Good data security practices to run the service as a part of our daily operations: Regular data back-ups, protected physical location of servers with spare power, etc.
  • Using the service needs authentication, also data connections are encrypted.
  • The service enforces role based user rights.
  • Respect of users privacy: MUKSUNKIRJA™ stores only information needed to use the service.
  • The service fulfills legal requirements for data pprotection by Finnish law.

Who can access MUKSUNKIRJA™ information?

  • Access is granted only for parents and day care staff. Sponsor can access only a dedicated sponsor tab without getting to know any private information of other users.
  • MUKSUNKIRJA™ does not give information to any third parties.
  • Content created for MUKSUNKIRJA™ is not shared further.
MUKSUNKIRJA™ has many satisfied users already while customer base is all the time heavily increasing. Below there are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you should have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that there is a dedicated tab for data security related matters.

To whom MUKSUNKIRJA™ is being offered?

MUKSUNKIRJA™ is designed to support early education and day care, users being early education professionals and parents having children in day care. It is available through day care centers which are MUKSUNKIRJA™ customers only.

How can I become a sponsor?

Typical sponsor is running some short of business, often nearby a day care center having a sponsorship with. With reasonable fee sponsor is able do e.g. marketing in the service’s dedicated sponsor area. If you are interested to be a sponsor please contact MUKSUNKIRJA™ folks.

Who is having responsibility to find sponsors?

The service provider takes care of sponsor relationships. Even in case there is no sponsor for some individual day care center the service can be used, free of charge.

As a sponsor what kind of material I can produce into the service?

There are not too much technical limitations. However, MUKSUNKIRJA™ service is often used within families together with their children so we do apply restrictions by International Chamber of Commerce what comes to marketing to youth and children.

If I put e.g. images into the service what happens to copyrights?

No intellectual property rights move into MUKSUNKIRJA™ service or its service provider Clementia Ltd. Copyrights stay with an original owner.

Who is behind MUKSUNKIRJA™ service?

MUKSUNKIRJA™ is a Finnish service provided by a start up called Clementia Ltd.
You can contact MUKSUNKIRJA™ by e-mail or phone. Contact information below.

Clementia Ltd.

Click here and send e-mail into:

Tel: +358 10 320 3131 / Marko

Product of

Clementia Ltd.



MUKSUNKIRJA™ service is getting a brand new version starting 1.1.2014.