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MUKSUNKIRJA™ is safe, easy to use Internet service for families and day care professionals.

MUKSUNKIRJA™ product family complements communication between home and day care by improving communication. Saving children’s priceless memories. Helping administrative routines thus saving time for children.

Key features

Day Care events

Using Day care event it is easy to provide information for families by day care staff. Staff can easily create and publish weekly programs, menus, special communication items and so on. You can add images and file attachments as you see fit. As MUKSUNKIRJA™ is all about interaction and communication parents can always give their comments in the service visible for other users.


Notebook is specially designed for private communication between a family and a day care center. Messages are not visible for other families so Notebook provides excellent way to protect privacy when needed.

Digital portfolio

In MUKSUNKIRJA™ each child has own folder which is only visible for child’s parents and a day care personnel. All the nice memories can be store there for further use. In portfolio there is support not only for images, but also for wide variety of other content.

Early childhood education

Each day care center can have its own documentation for planning early education in the MUKSUNKIRJA™ service. Plans co-created with parents are stored to ECEP area, which is private for each child to protect privacy.